The Civil Air Patrol in the United Kingdom, also called Sky Watch, was formed in Yorkshire in the year 2000. Since then it has become one of the largest voluntary air observation organizations in Europe with over 200 members and over 70 aircraft belonging to operational units in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our Mission is "To promote for the benefit of the public, and the preservation and protection of people and property, the use of aerial observation over land and water to identify situations where people and property are at risk and then reporting such incidents to and working with the statutory emergency services and other such bodies as deemed appropriate".

The Civil Air Patrol is financed entirely from membership subscriptions and charitable donations. Expenditure is kept to an absolute minimum and is largely restricted to essential administration and insurance fees. Any surpluses are used to pay for essential equipment such as cameras, satellite navigation receivers and safety equipment. Cost sharing between members flying the same aircraft is encouraged. An application to gain an exception to the Air Navigation Order (ANO) to permit members to be reimbursed for the cost of their fuel, the same exception that permits a businessman to be reimbursed by his employer for using his aircraft for business travel, is under consideration.
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Membership of the Civil Air Patrol in the United Kingdom is open to any person, over the age of 18 years, with an interest in aviation. The annual membership subscription is the same for all members, currently £15 per annum, and in return, in addition to supporting a worthy cause, members receive a regular journal, 'Observe and Report' and have the opportunity to purchase branded clothing. Those members with their own aircraft are encouraged to meet their international obligations under the ICAO rules and to report any person or vessel in distress by the most expeditious means. Members who have sufficient flying experience and who can make a commitment to be available to assist their local communities may agree to apply to join their local CAP unit subject to a vacancy being available. An application to join the Civil Air Patrol is via the Membership Secretary. An application to join an operational unit should be made to the unit chief pilot after joining the CAP as a member.
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The Sky Watch Civil Air Patrol is charitable association which provides the opportunity for experienced pilots, together with observers, to conduct simple air observation and photography flights on behalf of the emergency services and other agencies such as the Environment Agency and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.

Operational experience and the development of new ideas are shared with other, similar organizations such as Channel Islands Airsearch, the Swedish Volunteer Air Corps and, further afield, the US Civil Air Patrol and the Canadian Civil Air Search and Rescue Association.

In the United Kingdom the Civil Air Patrol has no connections and is not associated in any way with a group called Air Search and a second group called Highland Air Search.
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